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Meetings in English: Delegating tasks and responsibilities effectively

Welcome to the Speaking Gym! Yes, you heard right! The MPEC Conversation Club is a safe space where you can practice new English vocabulary without fear of making mistakes! Today, it’s all about delegating tasks, responsibilities, and projects at work – do you know how to do it in English? Not 100% sure? No problem, let’s talk about it together!

Prepared for you by: My Personal English Coach

Business Slang & Expressions for Delegating Tasks and Responsibilities

Pass the baton 🏃‍♂️

Meaning: Handing over a task or responsibility to someone else. After briefing her on the project details, I passed the baton to Jenna.

Get the ball rolling 🏀

Meaning: Start an activity or task. I’ve outlined the project plan – now it’s time for you to get the ball rolling.

Hand over the reins 🐴

Meaning: Give someone else control or responsibility. It’s time for Mark to hand over the reins to someone more experienced in finance.

Put someone in the driver’s seat 🚗

Meaning: Make someone responsible for something important. By delegating this task to Lucy, we’re putting her in the driver’s seat.

Offload (something of) off your plate 🍽️

Meaning: Transfer your responsibilities or workload to someone else. So, I’ve been offloading for more than two years, trying to get accounts off my plate.

As offloading responsibilities is a critical business skill, here is a great Article in which you can learn what are the 4 key tips for offloading responsibilities at work It would be a great read as a follow up to your conversation.

Round 1: It’s MY turn!

  1. In what situations do you feel most comfortable ‘calling the shots‘ at work?
  2. Describe a time when you ‘took the helm‘ of a challenging project. What was your leadership approach?

Call the shots 📢

Meaning: Make the important decisions.

Sample: In this project, you’ll be calling the shots regarding the design.

Take the helm ⚓

Meaning: Assume a position of leadership.

Sample: Once I’ve briefed you on the project, you’ll be taking the helm.

Round 2: Empowering Others

  1. How do you think empowering the team by delegating tasks impacts their performance and motivation?
  2. Have you ever had to ask someone to ‘run point‘ on a critical project? How did you approach delegating this responsibility?

Empower the team 🙌

Meaning: Give authority or power to others to make decisions. Eg: Delegating these tasks will empower the team and improve efficiency.

Run point on something 🎖️

Meaning: Take the lead on a task or project. Eg: Sarah, can you run point on the client presentation?

Round 3: Dos and Don’ts of Delegating Tasks

Let’s review a list of key communication tips for effective delegation. After going through them, let’s discuss and agree on which ones are do’s and don’ts when delegating tasks. How do these tips align with your own experiences of delegation?”

Which of these Key Communication Tips for Effective Delegation are DOs and which are DON’Ts?

  1. Be Clear and Specific
  2. Provide Context
  3. Select the Right Person
  4. Set Deadlines
  5. Overload with Tasks
  6. Ignore Follow-up
  7. Offer Resources and Support
  8. Micromanage
  9. Provide Feedback
  10. Recognize and Appreciate Efforts

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