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Let’s Talk About Wellbeing In English: Health and wellness tips

Welcome to our session in the Business Communication Club, titled “Let’s Talk About Wellbeing In English: Health and Wellness Tips.” In this engaging discussion, we’ll delve into the vital topic of maintaining health and wellness in our busy lives. Whether it’s discussing effective stress management techniques, exploring nutritional advice, or sharing exercise routines, this session is dedicated to enhancing our overall wellbeing. We’ll also focus on how to articulate these aspects in English, enriching our vocabulary and communication skills in this crucial area.

Prepared for you by: My Personal English Coach

6 Idioms To Use When Talking About Health and Physical Condition in English

  1. Fit as a fiddle 🎻
    • Meaning: To be in excellent physical condition.
    • Example: “After months of training, he’s as fit as a fiddle.”
  2. Under the weather ☁️
    • Meaning: Feeling slightly ill or unwell.
    • Example: “I’m not coming into work today; I’m feeling a bit under the weather.”
  3. Back on one’s feet 🚶‍♂️
    • Meaning: To recover from an illness or distress.
    • Example: “It took a few weeks, but she’s finally back on her feet after the flu.”
  4. In the pink of health 🌸
    • Meaning: To be in very good health and spirits.
    • Example: “Grandma is 80 years old but still in the pink of health.”
  5. Burning the candle at both ends 🔥
    • Meaning: Working or doing too many things without enough rest, leading to stress or exhaustion.
    • Example: “You’re burning the candle at both ends; you need to take some time off.”
  6. A clean bill of health 📄
    • Meaning: A report or confirmation that someone is healthy.
    • Example: “I just had my annual check-up and got a clean bill of health.”

Set 1: Stress Management Strategies

  1. “What are your go-to methods for managing stress, and how effective have you found them?”
  2. “Can you share any relaxation techniques or activities that have significantly reduced your stress levels?”

Key Grammar/Vocabulary Expressions:

  • Stress reduction (e.g., “Meditation helps in stress reduction…”)
  • Coping mechanisms (e.g., “One coping mechanism I use is…”)
  • Mindfulness practices (e.g., “Incorporating mindfulness practices like…”)
  • Relaxation techniques (e.g., “Yoga is a relaxation technique that…”)


Set 2: Exercise and Physical Wellness

  1. “What type of physical activities or exercises do you enjoy, and why?”
  2. “How has regular exercise impacted your physical and mental health?”

Key Grammar/Vocabulary Expressions:

  • Fitness routine (e.g., “My fitness routine consists of…”)
  • Physical wellness (e.g., “To maintain physical wellness, I…”)
  • Mental health benefits (e.g., “The mental health benefits of exercise include…”)
  • Active lifestyle (e.g., “Living an active lifestyle helps me…”)

Set 3: Nutrition and Healthy Eating

  1. “What does a healthy diet look like for you, and how do you maintain it?”
  2. “Are there any particular foods or dietary habits you’ve found beneficial for your health?”

Key Grammar/Vocabulary Expressions:

  • Balanced diet (e.g., “A balanced diet should include…”)
  • Nutritional benefits (e.g., “The nutritional benefits of eating…”)
  • Dietary choices (e.g., “My dietary choices focus on…”)
  • Healthy eating habits (e.g., “One healthy eating habit I follow is…”)

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