Language Engagement

Engage, not teach

Defeat your fear of communicating in English

Unlock your full potential with our Method based on Coaching and Neuroscience

mpec: where coaching, neuroscience-based techniques, and 100% customized courses unlock your English communication skills. Imagine how rewarding it would feel to work confidently and masterfully in English, without any blocks or fears.

Expressing your talents in English becomes possible with mpec

Thanks to Language Engagement - our innovative method based on neuroscience and coaching, inspired by NLP and behavioral psychology.

A coach is more than a teacher, and mpec is more than a school.

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    Language Engagement

    The Approach That Ublocks You

    Our work is based on:


    We are the only English training centre in Italy with coaching principles at the base of the didactic approach. This means that our focus is not only on transmitting knowledge but also on motivation, active listening, and creating a climate of trust and collaboration between students and coaches.



    To facilitate learning and improve the effectiveness of English communication, mpec also uses principles of neuroscience and basics of behavioral psychology (Habit Formation). Thanks to this, we are able to maximize results and make you feel immediately comfortable while working in English.

    corsi inglese personalizzati


    Our approach is totally student-centric and each course is tailored to the individual goals of each client. This means that students can acquire the skills they need in an effective and quick way, without wasting time and resources on topics that are not relevant for them.

    With mpec, you are not just studying English

    You are learning how to build your own Bilingual Identity in so as to be yourself when you work in English

    Language Engagement: The secret of our success

    Expand Your Mind

    Courses and Workshops





    Corporate english courses and tailor-made workshops subsidised through EU funds and all main funds available in Italy


    mpec is an accredited exam centre for TOLES - Test Of Legal English Skills