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The articles written by our certified coaches can help you transform your relationship with your linguistic identity in English.
Discover the Coaching and Neuroscience-based techniques to stop feeling inadequate, limited or blocked when using our language

Discover the best podcasts to listen to in 2024 to enhance your English listening and comprehension skills. Explore a curated list of engaging, educational podcasts suitable for all levels of learners.

With Language Engagement, People who really want to learn a second language never fail

Suzanne and Ed, co-founders of My Personal English Coach (MPEC), known for their innovative approach to language learning and coaching, engage in a thoughtful conversation with ChatGPT, an advanced AI language model. They explore the dynamic relationship between AI technology and human-led teaching, particularly focusing on how AI can complement but not replace the nuanced aspects of language learning, such as cultural understanding and emotional intelligence.

Gaslighting is a deliberate attempt to undermine someone's perception of reality, creating a sense of doubt and confusion. It’s psychological manipulation that can erode team dynamics and individual confidence over time.

In this article, you will find all the answers and even some exercises to improve your confidence regarding the use of prefixes in English.

This is an invitation to a different kind of journey in professional development—a journey that starts with the self. It’s an exploration that doesn't shy away from the depths of who we are and instead uses that depth as a foundation for true growth and development.

Halloween : What Are Adults REALLY Scared Of? Let's face our adult fears together. Not of zombies, but of last minute presentations, not of mummies but of deadlines. Are you ready?

This article is just a brief summary of the names of each generation from 1886 onwards, why they are called what they are in English, the years they comprise, how to read these dates in English, and what these people are doing in 2023.

Building a bilingual identity in English is a multifaceted process that engages both the brain and the belief system. By understanding the neuroscience behind language learning, harnessing the power of belief, and adopting practical strategies, you can set yourself on a path to not just learning English but living it.

In questo articolo troverete i TOP 5 Podcasts per migliorare il vostro inglese quest'estate, TOP 5 Libri per leggere in spiaggia e migliorare il vostro vocabolario e TOP 5 TV & Movie Series che vi terranno incollati allo schermo di sera, dopo una giornata di avventure!

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