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The articles written by our certified coaches can help you transform your relationship with your linguistic identity in English.
Discover the Coaching and Neuroscience-based techniques to stop feeling inadequate, limited or blocked when using our language

Overcome Negative Perceptions: Correctly Evaluate Your English Skills. Self-Assessment Form: Analyse Your Growth in English

The journey from Comfort Zone to Growth Zone and how stepping out of your comfort zone can unlock your full potential in language learning and personal development

Explore the transformative power of self-parenting and self-empowerment to heal your past and build a resilient future

Unlock the psychological barriers to mastering English with insights from Daniel Kahneman's theories - explore the unexpected reasons behind language learning challenges

What Are Core Beliefs? How Do They Form? What Impact Do They Have on Our Professional Development and the Training We Undertake? Are They Changeable?

This article provides a comprehensive overview of the different types of interrogative forms in English, focusing on their application in business communication. From the basics of yes/no questions to the nuances of indirect questions and conditional structures, we've got you covered

Discover the best podcasts to listen to in 2024 to enhance your English listening and comprehension skills. Explore a curated list of engaging, educational podcasts suitable for all levels of learners.

With Language Engagement, People who really want to learn a second language never fail

Suzanne and Ed, co-founders of My Personal English Coach (MPEC), known for their innovative approach to language learning and coaching, engage in a thoughtful conversation with ChatGPT, an advanced AI language model. They explore the dynamic relationship between AI technology and human-led teaching, particularly focusing on how AI can complement but not replace the nuanced aspects of language learning, such as cultural understanding and emotional intelligence.

Coaching and Neuroscience-based Teaching Materials

Here are some of the lessons and didactic materials created by the mpec team to help you study English in your free time. You can search by level or by language area which you want to focus on (Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, Listening)

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