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Here are some of the lessons and didactic materials created by the mpec team to help you study English in your free time. You can search by level or by language area which you want to focus on (Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, Listening)

Discover the best podcasts to listen to in 2024 to enhance your English listening and comprehension skills. Explore a curated list of engaging, educational podcasts suitable for all levels of learners.

Halloween : What Are Adults REALLY Scared Of? Let's face our adult fears together. Not of zombies, but of last minute presentations, not of mummies but of deadlines. Are you ready?

Why Is Storytelling So Important? Vocabulary, Structure and Tips for Effective Business Storytelling in English

Have you ever wondered which app for learning English would be the best for you, or how to add an app to your daily English practice? Or maybe you've felt a bit overwhelmed by the variety of apps and websites currently available for those who want to study English?

Researching the holiday options and discussing pros and cons of different holiday ideas with the family - English Vocabulary, Idioms, Conversation Questions and Video Follow Up

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