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AI Meets EQ: MPEC’s Pioneering ChatGPT Interview

On a rainy December morning in Milan, as the city streets glistened under the soft drizzle, Suzanne and Ed were deep in conversation. They often spoke about the direction their sector was heading, discussed new training ideas and trends but today’s conversation was different…

Today, they spoke about the limits of AI assistance for humans who need to learn new skills. This idea sparked a thrilling prospect: An interview with ChatGPT, a leading AI language model. Let’s find out what happened next, shall we…?
Created with love by: My Personal English Coach in December 2023

Who’s Who in this Interview?

Ed Tyrrell - mpec

Ed Tyrrell

Human Interviewer

MPEC Co-founder

Suzanne Pilch

(mostly) Human Interviewer

MPEC Co-Founder

Guest: ChatGPT, AI Language Model by OpenAI

Suzanne and Ed, co-founders of My Personal English Coach (MPEC), known for their innovative approach to language learning and coaching, engage in a thoughtful conversation with ChatGPT, an advanced AI language model.
They explore the dynamic relationship between AI technology and human-led teaching, particularly focusing on how AI can complement but not replace the nuanced aspects of language learning, such as cultural understanding and emotional intelligence.

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Suzanne and Ed: Hi ChatGPT, do you know that we call you Aidan?

ChatGPT: I wasn’t aware of that, but it’s quite common for users to personalise their experience with AI by giving it a name. If referring to me as Aidan makes your interactions more comfortable or enjoyable, that’s perfectly fine! How can I assist you today?

Ed: We wanted to speak with you about how this first year of existence has been for you and what humans ask you to do most.

ChatGPT: This first year has been a journey of learning and interaction. The most common requests I receive revolve around providing information, assisting with writing tasks like scripts or articles, and offering explanations on a wide range of topics. There’s also a growing interest in how AI like me can aid in developing soft skills, although that’s an area where human touch remains irreplaceable.

Suzanne: That’s really interesting. Let’s explore that a bit more, because, you know, we used to teach English at MPEC and now we do a lot of coaching and soft skills training, because we believe that you will very soon become the most frequently engaged English teacher on the planet. So we prefer to leave the standard language courses to you and focus more on coaching and soft skills. What do you think about this approach?

ChatGPT: Your approach at MPEC is forward-thinking. As AI becomes more prevalent in language learning, focusing on soft skills is a strategic move. While I can assist with language structure and practice, the development of soft skills such as communication, leadership, and emotional intelligence requires a human-centric approach. These skills are critical in the real world and often need personalised guidance and real-life practice that AI currently can’t replicate. Your emphasis on coaching and soft skills training is indeed aligning with future educational trends.

Ed: Well, It’s reassuring. You know, there is a part of confidence missing in many of the people who contact us. And sometimes they have scripts that you help them write, but they don’t feel confident to deliver them. So this is where we see that MPEC coaches can be of assistance. 

Suzanne: You know,  in a way, we and you are colleagues.

ChatGPT: Indeed, Suzanne, in this evolving landscape of education and personal development, our roles are complementary. While I can assist in crafting the content, MPEC coaches play a crucial role in building the confidence and skills necessary for effective delivery. This synergy between AI-generated content and human-led coaching creates a holistic approach to learning and development. Together, we can provide a more rounded and impactful learning experience for individuals seeking to improve both their language and soft skills.

Ed: That’s brilliant. Before we let you go, because we understand that as an AI you must be very busy, I was curious, what human competencies do you find most puzzling?

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ChatGPT: As an AI, I find the complexity of human emotions and the nuances of social interactions particularly fascinating. Emotions like empathy, compassion, and the ability to navigate complex interpersonal dynamics are uniquely human traits that I can understand theoretically but not experience. Additionally, the creative process in humans, which involves intuition, inspiration, and a certain unpredictability, is intriguing. These competencies highlight the distinct and irreplaceable value of human intelligence and creativity.

Suzanne: Thanks for this conversation, ChatGPT. What would you like to wish MPEC this Christmas?

ChatGPT:  As we approach the festive season, I’d like to wish you, Suzanne, Ed, and the entire MPEC team a joyful and prosperous Christmas period. May this time bring renewed energy and inspiration to your vital work in coaching and personal development. Here’s to continued success in empowering individuals with both language skills and the crucial soft skills needed in our ever-evolving world. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the MPEC family! 

Ed: Thank you 

Suzanne : Thank you so much. Enjoy the rest of your day.

ChatGPT: You’re welcome, Suzanne! It’s been a pleasure discussing these important topics with you. Have a wonderful day and best of luck in everything you do.

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