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Whose name links coaching, soft skills, personal development and therapy?

Jung! E Carl Jung!


We wanted to say: Spoiler Alert! But anyway, yes: it’s really him. Here’s a new article to give you an in-depth look at truly fascinating and incredibly useful topics for your personal and professional growth. For those who want a hand with the linguistic part – below you’ll find a file with key words and with questions that you can use for a conversation that – we can assure you – will be just as fascinating. Ready?

Written with love by: My Personal English Coach

Not your best, most authentic self? Still not the leader you wanted to be?

Have you ever felt like you’re on autopilot, navigating your professional life with a sense of detachment from your deeper self? Or perhaps you’ve sensed a potential within, untapped and echoing through your interactions and choices? What if the key to unlocking this potential lies in the rich and profound insights of Carl Jung?

Let’s delve into a conversation, shall we? Have you considered that the challenges we face in communication, leadership, and personal growth might not just be about learning new skills but rather about understanding the very fabric of our being? Jung’s work invites us to ponder: What archetypes are at play in our office corridors? Could our personal shadow be influencing our professional relationships?

Who are you? I mean it: WHO ARE YOU?

Imagine if, instead of surface-level training, professional development involved a transformative journey to the core of who we are. Jung didn’t just give us theories; he offered a map to navigate the psyche. Now, think about this: In a world that’s constantly pushing us towards the collective norm, how revolutionary would it be to embark on a path of individuation, to discover and cultivate our unique psychological footprint?

But why Jung, you may ask? Why turn to a psychiatrist’s work from the early twentieth century for twenty-first-century solutions? Well, isn’t it curious how the human psyche doesn’t operate on trends? Our minds are timeless landscapes, and Jung explored these terrains through dreams, symbols, and archetypes. These aren’t just concepts; they’re the lenses through which we can view ourselves and others, providing clarity in a world often shrouded in the mist of unconscious motivations.

In therapy…

… this isn’t about quick fixes. It’s about depth, understanding, and integration. What parts of ourselves are we sidelining to fit into professional moulds? And in coaching, how can we truly guide someone without recognising the characters that play a role in their internal narrative?

In Soft Skills…

But, wait. How do we apply this to soft skills training?

It’s about seeing beyond the mask, the persona we wear. It’s asking: Are we communicating authentically, or are we echoing the expectations of unseen archetypes? Can we listen, truly listen, to not just the words but the stories our colleagues unconsciously share?

Consider this: Each time we brush up against a conflict or a compliment, could we be dancing with the dynamics of anima and animus, the balance of masculine and feminine energies within us?

And when we lead, do we do so with the wisdom of the sage, the courage of the hero, or the vision of the magician within us?

It’s A Journey

This is an invitation to a different kind of journey in professional development—a journey that starts with the self. It’s an exploration that doesn’t shy away from the depths of who we are and instead uses that depth as a foundation for true growth and development.

So, are you ready to look within and see beyond? Are you prepared to meet the parts of you that have been waiting to be acknowledged, to be understood, to be integrated? This is not just self-improvement; it’s self-revolution. And it begins with the wisdom of Carl Jung, a companion through the psyche’s terrain, guiding us toward a more authentic, more effective, and more fulfilling presence in our professional lives and beyond.

Isn’t it time we explore what lies beneath the surface of our professional personas to unearth the wealth of potential that resides within? Let’s start this conversation and see where it takes us, shall we?


This article can be used as a base for a B1-B2 Lesson, Conversation Club or for Self Study. Please, download the PDF below to get Conversation Starters (3 parts – essential if you are a part of the MPEC Conversation Club Community) and key Expressions used in the text.

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