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Meetings in English: Talking about starting new projects

Welcome to the Conversation Club by MPEC!

Welcome everyone to today’s MPEC Conversation Club! Our session today takes us into the world of storytelling and experiences with the theme “Meetings in English: Talking about Starting New Projects.” We’re excited to hear your stories, learn from your personal experiences, and delve into the nuances of initiating and navigating new projects in a professional setting. Whether you’ve faced challenges, celebrated successes, or navigated unexpected turns, your stories are what make our conversation today invaluable. Let’s share, learn, and grow together in our journey with English!

Prepared for you by: My Personal English Coach

Your 3 Idioms for today are in a form of a comic book! Are you excited?

Round 1: Personal Experiences in Project Initiations

  1. Can you tell us about a time when you initiated a project? How did you go about it?
  2. Share a memorable experience from the early stages of a project you were involved in.
  3. What was the most innovative project idea you’ve ever had or heard about in a meeting?

You can try to use these phrasal verbs:

  1. Kick off 🚀 – To start or begin something, especially a project or meeting.
    • We kicked off the project with a brainstorming session.
  2. Run by 🗣️ – To explain something to someone to get their opinion.
    • Before finalising the plan, I’ll run it by the team for their input.
  3. Draw up ✍️ – To prepare something in writing, especially plans or a formal document.
    • After our discussion, I’ll draw up a project outline.
  4. Set out 🛣️ – To start with a particular aim or goal in mind.
    • We set out to create the most user-friendly interface on the market.

Round 2: Team Dynamics and Personal Roles

  1. Tell us about a time when your role was crucial in the early stages of a project.
  2. How have you dealt with a difficult team member during a project kickoff?
  3. Share an experience where effective communication within your team significantly impacted a project’s start
  4. Can you recall a project where team collaboration led to an unexpected but successful outcome?

These phrasal verbs can be helpful:

  1. Team up 🤝 – To join another person or group in order to do something together.
    • For this project, we teamed up with the marketing department.
  2. Lay out 📋 – To explain or describe something in a clear and detailed manner.
    • She laid out her vision for the project in the first meeting.
  3. Speak up 📢 – To express one’s opinion openly and without fear.
    • During the meeting, don’t hesitate to speak up if you have any concerns.
  4. Bring in 🔍 – To involve someone or something in an activity or process.
    • We need to bring in a specialist for this part of the project.

Round 3: The Biggest Challenge

  1. What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced at the beginning of a new project?”
  2. “How did you handle a project that started with significant risks or obstacles?”
  3. “Share a story about a time when you had to quickly solve a problem during a project initiation.”

It’s the last chance to use phrasal verbs today!

  1. Face up to 💪 – To accept and deal with a difficult situation.
    • We had to face up to some initial budget challenges.
  2. Work around 🔄 – To find a way to deal with a problem or a difficult situation.
    • We found ways to work around the resource limitations.
  3. Iron out 🔧 – To remove problems or find solutions.
    • In the early stages, there were many issues we needed to iron out.
  4. Fall through ❌ – To fail to happen or be completed.
    • Our initial plan fell through, so we had to think of an alternative quickly.

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