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What makes us sound persuasive?

Welcome to the Conversation Club by MPEC

Persuasion: It’s a fascinating and complex skill that has a giant impact on personal and professional interactions. It’s not just about the art of rhetoric or body language. Even subtle nuances in voice modulation alone are not sufficient to make us persuasive. In this club session, we will explore this theme, reflecting on the ethics and effectiveness of persuasion across different contexts and cultures

Prepared for you by: My Personal English Coach

These Phrasal Verbs Will Help You Answer The Conversation Questions:

  • Weigh In ⚖️
    • Meaning: To give an opinion or enter into a discussion about a particular subject.
    • Sample Sentence: I’d like to weigh in on why storytelling is an effective persuasive technique.
  • Bring Up 🗨️
    • Meaning: To introduce a topic into a conversation or discussion.
    • Sample Sentence: Can we bring up the role of data in persuasive speeches?
  • Back Up 📊
    • Meaning: To support or reinforce an argument with evidence or examples.
    • Sample Sentence: Always back up your points with credible sources to sound more persuasive.
  • Play Down 🙄
    • Meaning: To make something appear less important than it really is.
    • Sample Sentence: She played down her own accomplishments to make her argument seem more impartial.
  • Point Out 👉
    • Meaning: To highlight or draw attention to a particular detail or fact.
    • Sample Sentence: He pointed out the logical fallacies in the other speaker’s argument.
  • Spell Out 📝
    • Meaning: To explain something in a detailed and clear manner.
    • Sample Sentence: To be persuasive, you’ll need to spell out exactly what you’re proposing.
  • Zero In On 🎯
    • Meaning: To focus closely on a specific point or subject.
    • Sample Sentence: The best persuasive speakers zero in on the concerns of their audience.
  • Take Into Account 🤔
    • Meaning: To consider or keep in mind some information or circumstances.
    • Sample Sentence: You must take into account the context when trying to persuade someone.
  • Call For 📢
    • Meaning: To make a demand or request for something.
    • Sample Sentence: The situation calls for a persuasive argument, not just facts.
  • Brush Up On 📚
    • Meaning: To improve or refresh one’s knowledge or skills.
    • Sample Sentence: I need to brush up on my rhetorical skills to be more persuasive.

Round 1 – Let’s Warm Up

  1. Can you think of a public figure who exemplifies persuasive speaking for you. What qualities make them stand out?
  2. In your opinion, what is the precise difference between persuasion and manipulation?
  3. How persuasive are you? In what circumstances are you most / least persuasive?

Round 2: Let’s Explore it!

  1. Can persuasive skills be used for negative outcomes and how should one draw ethical boundaries?
  2. Does being well-informed on a subject automatically make someone more persuasive?
  3. Do you believe that persuasiveness varies across different cultures or is it a universal trait?
  4. Is the power of persuasion located mainly in what we say or can listening skills contribute, too?

Round 3: Ready to role-play?


A conference room where Employee A and Employee B are meeting to discuss the possible adoption of a new software tool for their department.

Role Descriptions:

  • Employee A: Is convinced that adopting a new software tool will significantly benefit the team’s productivity and overall efficiency.
  • Employee B: Is skeptical about the new software tool and concerned about the cost and the team’s ability to adapt to the new system.

Need help? Download a sample script for inspiration!

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