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Parliamo di Benessere in Inglese: Consigli su salute e benessere

Benvenuti alla nostra sessione su “Parliamo di Benessere in Inglese: Consigli su Salute e Benessere.” In questa coinvolgente discussione, ci addentreremo nell’importante tema di mantenere la salute e il benessere nelle nostre vite impegnative. Che si tratti di discutere tecniche efficaci di gestione dello stress, esplorare consigli nutrizionali o condividere routine di esercizio, questa sessione è dedicata a migliorare il nostro benessere generale.

Prepared for you by: My Personal English Coach

6 Idioms To Use When Talking About Health and Physical Condition in English

  1. Fit as a fiddle 🎻
    • Meaning: To be in excellent physical condition.
    • Example: “After months of training, he’s as fit as a fiddle.”
  2. Under the weather ☁️
    • Meaning: Feeling slightly ill or unwell.
    • Example: “I’m not coming into work today; I’m feeling a bit under the weather.”
  3. Back on one’s feet 🚶‍♂️
    • Meaning: To recover from an illness or distress.
    • Example: “It took a few weeks, but she’s finally back on her feet after the flu.”
  4. In the pink of health 🌸
    • Meaning: To be in very good health and spirits.
    • Example: “Grandma is 80 years old but still in the pink of health.”
  5. Burning the candle at both ends 🔥
    • Meaning: Working or doing too many things without enough rest, leading to stress or exhaustion.
    • Example: “You’re burning the candle at both ends; you need to take some time off.”
  6. A clean bill of health 📄
    • Meaning: A report or confirmation that someone is healthy.
    • Example: “I just had my annual check-up and got a clean bill of health.”

Set 1: Stress Management Strategies

  1. “What are your go-to methods for managing stress, and how effective have you found them?”
  2. “Can you share any relaxation techniques or activities that have significantly reduced your stress levels?”

Key Grammar/Vocabulary Expressions:

  • Stress reduction (e.g., “Meditation helps in stress reduction…”)
  • Coping mechanisms (e.g., “One coping mechanism I use is…”)
  • Mindfulness practices (e.g., “Incorporating mindfulness practices like…”)
  • Relaxation techniques (e.g., “Yoga is a relaxation technique that…”)


Set 2: Exercise and Physical Wellness

  1. “What type of physical activities or exercises do you enjoy, and why?”
  2. “How has regular exercise impacted your physical and mental health?”

Key Grammar/Vocabulary Expressions:

  • Fitness routine (e.g., “My fitness routine consists of…”)
  • Physical wellness (e.g., “To maintain physical wellness, I…”)
  • Mental health benefits (e.g., “The mental health benefits of exercise include…”)
  • Active lifestyle (e.g., “Living an active lifestyle helps me…”)

Set 3: Nutrition and Healthy Eating

  1. “What does a healthy diet look like for you, and how do you maintain it?”
  2. “Are there any particular foods or dietary habits you’ve found beneficial for your health?”

Key Grammar/Vocabulary Expressions:

  • Balanced diet (e.g., “A balanced diet should include…”)
  • Nutritional benefits (e.g., “The nutritional benefits of eating…”)
  • Dietary choices (e.g., “My dietary choices focus on…”)
  • Healthy eating habits (e.g., “One healthy eating habit I follow is…”)

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