You are currently viewing Coaching Conversation: Talking about Future aspirations and dreams in English using coaching questions

Coaching Conversation: Talking about Future aspirations and dreams in English using coaching questions

Welcome to our session on “Coaching Conversation: Talking about Future Aspirations and Dreams in English.” This interactive session is designed to explore and articulate your future goals, dreams, and aspirations using effective coaching questions. It’s a perfect opportunity for those looking to refine their English while focusing on personal and professional development. We’ll use targeted coaching questions to delve into your aspirations, helping you to express and shape your future plans in English. This session is not only about language learning but also about personal growth and clarity in your life’s direction.

Part 1 Visualisation and Resources

  1. Envisioning a Successful Future
    • “Imagine you are looking back a year from now; what achievements would make you feel proud?”
    • Key Expressions:
      • “In a year’s time, I would be proud to have achieved…”
      • “Looking back, I see myself having accomplished…”
  2. Identifying Strengths and Resources
    • “What personal strengths or resources can you leverage to achieve your dreams?”
    • Key Expressions:
      • “One of my key strengths that will help me is…”
      • “I plan to utilize [resource] to achieve…”

Part 2 Goal-setting and Troubleshooting

  1. Setting Specific Goals
    • “What specific, measurable goal would be a significant step towards your dream?”
    • Key Expressions:
      • “A specific goal I have is…”
      • “To measure my progress, I will…”
  2. Overcoming Obstacles
    • “If you encounter obstacles, what strategies can you use to overcome them?”
    • Key Expressions:
      • “To overcome potential obstacles, I will…”
      • “My strategy for dealing with challenges is…”

Part 3 Moving Forward

  1. Celebrating Progress
    • “How will you acknowledge and celebrate your progress along the way?”
    • Key Expressions:
      • “To celebrate my milestones, I plan to…”
      • “Acknowledging my progress is important, so I will…”
  2. Seeking Support
    • “What kind of support or resources do you need to achieve your goals, and how can you access them?”
    • Key Expressions:
      • “I will seek support from [person/organization] by…”
      • “Accessing [resource] will be crucial for my success in…”

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