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5 Best Practices on How to Follow Up on a Business Meeting

Welcome to our session in the Business Communication Club on “5 Best Practices on How to Follow Up on a Business Meeting.” Today, we will delve into the crucial aspect of professional communication: the follow-up. A successful meeting is just the beginning; the real impact is often determined by how effectively you follow up. In this session, we’ll discuss strategies to ensure your meetings are productive long after they end. We’ll cover everything from sending timely responses to maintaining relationships and setting clear next steps.

Prepared for you by: My Personal English Coach

The Idioms You Could Practice Today:

  1. Touch base 🤝
    • Meaning: To make contact or check in with someone.
    • Example: “I’ll touch base with you next week to discuss the project’s progress.”
  2. Get the ball rolling 🏐
    • Meaning: To start something, especially a process or activity.
    • Example: “Let’s get the ball rolling on the action items we discussed in the meeting.”
  3. On the same page 📄
    • Meaning: Having a shared understanding or agreement.
    • Example: “The follow-up meeting is crucial to ensure we’re all on the same page.”
  4. Keep the ball in their court 🎾
    • Meaning: To place the responsibility for something back with someone else.
    • Example: “I’ve sent the proposal, so now the ball is in their court.”
  5. Go the extra mile 🏃‍♂️
    • Meaning: To make a special effort or go beyond what is required.
    • Example: “She always goes the extra mile in her follow-ups, ensuring all issues are addressed.”
  6. Leave no stone unturned 🔍
    • Meaning: To look at every possibility or explore every avenue.
    • Example: “In my follow-up, I leave no stone unturned to address all potential questions.”

Set 1: Timely and Effective Communication

  1. “How soon do you usually follow up after a business meeting, and what format do you prefer?”
  2. “What key elements do you include in a follow-up message to make it effective?”

Key Grammar/Vocabulary Expressions:

  • Prompt response (e.g., “A prompt response after a meeting shows…”)
  • Email etiquette (e.g., “In terms of email etiquette, it’s important to…”)
  • Clear messaging (e.g., “Clear messaging involves…”)
  • Follow-up strategies (e.g., “My follow-up strategy includes…”)

Set 2: Establishing Next Steps and Responsibilities

  1. “How do you ensure that the action items discussed in the meeting are addressed?”
  2. “What’s your approach to assigning responsibilities and deadlines in your follow-up?”

Key Grammar/Vocabulary Expressions:

  • Action items (e.g., “The action items we agreed upon are…”)
  • Assigning tasks (e.g., “Assigning tasks should be done by…”)
  • Setting deadlines (e.g., “Setting realistic deadlines is crucial for…”)
  • Responsibility delegation (e.g., “Responsibility delegation involves…”)

Set 3: Role-Play Scenarios

Scenario 1: Follow-Up Email Writing

  • Draft an effective follow-up email summarizing the meeting and outlining the next steps.
  • Key Expressions: “Thank you for the productive meeting…”, “As discussed, the next steps will be…”

Scenario 2: Addressing Unresolved Issues

  • You are following up on a meeting where certain issues remained unresolved.
  • Key Expressions: “To address the points we didn’t conclude…”, “I propose we revisit…”

Scenario 3: Scheduling a Follow-Up Meeting

  • Propose a date and agenda for a follow-up meeting to further discuss project details.
  • Key Expressions: “To continue our discussion, I suggest meeting on…”, “The agenda for the next meeting will include…”

Remember – there is always more! Here is your Follow Up Video:

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