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Let’s Talk About: Advertising

All mpec courses are based on Conversation, Communication and Interaction and our main goal is to give our students the confidence to approach any topic or idea in English. Below, you can find vocabulary and role play materials which we use during our Conversation Club sessions in Zoom, but which you can also use on your own.

For A1-A2 Levels

Please, review the vocabulary related to the topic. It will help you feel more confident when role-playing and – if you find any words that are entirely new to you, make sure you write them down and use them in the Conversation Club meeting.

Part 1: Past

Do you remember any adverts you saw when you were younger? Who was the TARGET AUDIENCE for that ad?

Vocabulary To Use:

  • Commercials: an advert on tv or radio
  • Imagery: visual images
  • Tantalizing: something that creates desire and excitement
  • Meant for: created for something or someone

Part 2: Guess the ad!

Look at the BILLBOARD on the right. We covered the logo, the slogan and the brand and your role is now to come up with a product or service it could be advertising. Make sure you come up with a brand and a product or a service that would work here

Vocabulary to use:

It might be, could be, may be… Perhaps…

It most certainly would work for What if it were to say:….

Part 3: Celebrity Endorsement

  • What do you think of celebrity endorsements?
  • Which celebrities advertise which products?
  • Do favorite or annoying celebrities make you want or not want to buy a product?

Vocabulary to use

Inclined to purchase: likely to buy

Turn someone off: to make someone uninterested in something

OOH: out-of-home advertising , all the adds, flyers and billboards we see when we are outdoors

Brand awareness: when customers recognize/ remember a brand and its qualities

Part 4 : Best and Worst

  • How easy do you think it is to influence children with advertising?
  • What is the most advertised product in your country?
  • What is the best form of advertising?

Positive Words To Use




Negative Words To Use





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Self Study Suggestions:

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