Al momento stai visualizzando Riunioni in Inglese: Come Riprogrammare Qualcosa e Parlare delle Modifiche d’orario

Riunioni in Inglese: Come Riprogrammare Qualcosa e Parlare delle Modifiche d’orario

Benvenuti a un’altra sessione del Conversation Club di MPEC!

L’argomento di oggi è estremamente rilevante: “Riunioni in inglese: Riprogrammare e Discutere Cambiamenti.” Che tu stia coordinando con team locali o navigando attraverso fusi orari internazionali, la capacità di riprogrammare qualcosa e adattarsi ai cambiamenti è fondamentale. Nella sessione di oggi, avrete l’opportunità di esercitarvi con espressioni idiomatiche, phrasal verbs che utilizzerete in due (si! Due!) giochi di ruolo!

Prepared for you by: My Personal English Coach

5 Idioms for today’s topic:

  1. Jump the gun 🏃‍♀️ – Acting too soon
    Example: Let’s not jump the gun and reschedule the meeting without everyone’s approval.
  2. Beat around the bush 🌳 – Avoid talking directly
    Example : Stop beating around the bush and say what changes you want in the meeting.
  3. Cut to the chase ✂️ – Get to the point
    Example : Let’s cut to the chase; we need to reschedule the meeting.
  4. Play your cards right 🃏 – Handle a situation well
    Example : If you play your cards right, everyone will agree to the reschedule.
  5. Tip the scales ⚖️ – Make a significant difference
    Example : Your input could tip the scales in favour of changing the agenda.

5 Phrasal verbs you may need:

  1. Call off – To cancel something
    Example : They had to call off the meeting due to a sudden emergency.
  2. Put off – To postpone
    Example : We put off the meeting until next week.
  3. Wrap up – To conclude
    Example: Let’s wrap up the meeting by summarising the key points.
  4. Weigh in – To give your opinion or advice
    Example: Please weigh in on the changes we are proposing.
  5. Chime in – To add one’s voice or opinion
    Example : Feel free to chime in if you have any suggestions.

Round 1 – Let’s Warm Up

  1. Have you ever had to reschedule a high-stakes (important) meeting? How did you handle it?
  2. What strategies do you use to approach a discussion about significant changes in a meeting?
  3. How do you keep track of frequently changing meeting schedules?
  4. How do you handle time zone differences when rescheduling international meetings?

Round 2: Role Play 1

What’s your go-to phrase for bringing up a need for change in a meeting agenda?

Use your favourite expression or start with a phrase we suggested at the bottom of the page to reschedule one of the 4 Business Scenarios.

Round 3: The Final Role Play

Rescheduling With Conflicting Agendas

Student A: You are a project manager who had scheduled a meeting for the 15th of October at 3:00 PM to discuss an upcoming product launch. However, you just received an email stating that you have a mandatory company-wide training session at that same time.

Student B: You are a team leader invited to the same meeting. You had blocked off your calendar for the meeting, but just realised you have an appointment with an important client at 4:00 PM on the same day, making it difficult to attend the meeting and reach the client’s office on time.

Role Play Guidelines

  1. Student A starts the conversation by proposing to reschedule the meeting due to the sudden company-wide training.
  2. Student B acknowledges and explains your own scheduling conflict.
  3. Both discuss alternative dates and times.
  • Student A: Suggest the 16th at 10:00 AM.
  • Student B: Say you’re busy that morning but free after 2:00 PM.
  1. Come to a mutually agreeable solution, taking into account the need for the meeting to happen before the product launch.
  2. Confirm the new time and date before ending the conversation.

This role-play will give you the chance to practise discussing schedule changes, which is a crucial skill in any professional setting.

Remember – there is always more! Here is your Follow Up Video:

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