You are currently viewing Seeking Recommendations and Making Reservations at Local Restaurants: Using Questions and Idioms in English

Seeking Recommendations and Making Reservations at Local Restaurants: Using Questions and Idioms in English

Welcome to our Business Communication Club session on “Seeking Recommendations and Making Reservations at Local Restaurants: Using Questions and Idioms in English.” Today, we’ll delve into the practical aspect of conversational English, particularly in the context of dining out. Whether you’re traveling, hosting business dinners, or simply exploring local cuisine, knowing how to ask for recommendations and make reservations is a valuable skill. We’ll explore how to frame inquiries effectively, use common English idioms related to dining, and practice making reservations confidently. This session will enhance your conversational abilities and dining etiquette in English.

Set 1: Asking for Recommendations

  1. “How do you ask locals for restaurant recommendations when visiting a new city?”
  2. “What are some key phrases you use to inquire about the type of cuisine or dining experience?”

Key Grammar/Vocabulary Expressions:

  • Seeking advice (e.g., “Could you recommend…”, “What’s the best place for…”)
  • Inquiring about specialties (e.g., “What is this restaurant known for…”)
  • Types of cuisine (e.g., “I’m looking for a place that serves…”)
  • Specific dietary needs (e.g., “Do you know a good restaurant for vegetarians…”)

Set 2: Making Reservations

  1. “What phrases do you use when making a reservation over the phone or in person?”
  2. “How do you handle special requests or modifications during a reservation?”

Key Grammar/Vocabulary Expressions:

  • Booking a table (e.g., “I’d like to book a table for…”, “Is there availability for…”)
  • Special requests (e.g., “Could we have a window seat…”, “I have a food allergy to…”)
  • Confirming details (e.g., “Could you please confirm the reservation for…”)
  • Modification requests (e.g., “I need to change my reservation to…”)

Set 3: Using Idioms in Dining Conversations

  1. “Can you share some common English idioms used in the context of dining out?”
  2. “How do you incorporate idioms into your conversation when talking about food and restaurants?”

Key Grammar/Vocabulary Expressions:

  • Bite to eat 🍔: To have a small meal or snack.
    • Example: “Let’s grab a bite to eat after the meeting.”
  • Full plate 🍽️: To be very busy with tasks.
    • Example: “I can’t join for lunch; I have a full plate today.”
  • Spice things up 🌶️: To make something more exciting or interesting.
    • Example: “Let’s spice things up by trying a new exotic restaurant.”
  • Taste of your own medicine 🥄: To receive the same treatment that one gives to others, often negative.
    • Example: “He complained about the service, but got a taste of his own medicine when he had to wait tables.”

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