Al momento stai visualizzando Today we’re talking about our work-life balance. Chiaramente, tuto in inglese!

Today we’re talking about our work-life balance. Chiaramente, tuto in inglese!

Benvenuti al Conversation Club di MPEC

Navigare la linea sottile tra la nostra vita professionale e personale non è mai stato così impegnativo. Mentre i modelli di lavoro evolvono con opzioni flessibili e da remoto, la conversazione su una settimana lavorativa equilibrata e sana diventa cruciale. In questa sessione, esploreremo come trovare questo equilibrio, mettendo in discussione se gli approcci tradizionali siano obsoleti e quali nuove strategie potrebbero adattarsi meglio ai nostri stili di vita. Iniziamo.

Prepared for you by: My Personal English Coach

Today, it’s ALL about phrasal verbs! Try including these in your conversations:

  • Wind Down 🌙 UK pron: /waɪnd/
    • Meaning: To relax or take time off from work or a stressful situation.
    • Sample Sentence: After a long week, I like to wind down with a good book.
  • Burn Out 🔥
    • Meaning: To become exhausted from overwork or stress.
    • Sample Sentence: If you keep working 12-hour days, you’re going to burn out.
  • Catch Up 🗓
    • Meaning: To update someone or oneself on missed information or events.
    • Sample Sentence: Let’s catch up over coffee and discuss how you’ve been balancing work and family life.
  • Cut Back ✂️
    • Meaning: To reduce or lessen in quantity or extent.
    • Sample Sentence: I’ve cut back on my working hours to spend more time with my family.
  • Check Out 👀
    • Meaning: To investigate or take a look at something.
    • Sample Sentence: You should check out that new course on time management; it could help you balance work and personal life.
  • Set Aside 📦
    • Meaning: To reserve or save something, usually time or resources.
    • Sample Sentence: I set aside time every weekend to pursue my hobbies and it helps improve my work-life balance.
  • Weigh Up ⚖️
    • Meaning: To evaluate or consider the pros and cons of something.
    • Sample Sentence: I need to weigh up the benefits and downsides of working from home.
  • Take Up 🎣
    • Meaning: To start a new hobby or activity.
    • Sample Sentence: I’ve taken up yoga to help improve my work-life balance.
  • Hand In 📑
    • Meaning: To submit or give something, usually paperwork or assignments.
    • Sample Sentence: I’ll hand in my report early, so I can leave work on time today.
  • Come Across
    • Meaning: To find or discover something, sometimes accidentally.
    • Sample Sentence: I came across some interesting research that suggests taking short breaks can improve your work-life balance.

Download the glossary of 7 advanced terms we used in the questions below

Round 1 – Let’s Warm Up

  1. Do you think the traditional 9-to-5 work schedule is outdated and how might a more flexible schedule improve work-life balance?
  2. Have you heard of the concept of job crafting? It’s a psychological approach that empowers individuals to shape their job in a way that better suits their life. What are your thoughts on this?
  3. What’s your opinion on unlimited holiday policies? Do they genuinely improve work-life balance, or do they make employees feel guilty about taking time off?
  4. Do you think remote work has improved or worsened your work-life balance and why?

Round 2: Let’s Explore it!

  1. In Scandinavia, the work culture highly values work-life balance. Could such an approach be feasible in other parts of the world?
  2. There’s a growing trend of people adopting a four-day workweek. Do you think it could be a solution to achieving a better work-life balance?
  3. What are some practical ways to shape a healthy work-life balance without sacrificing career growth?
  4. How do you manage to disconnect from work during your time off, and do you think this is crucial for maintaining a healthy work-life balance?

Round 3: Dig Deep

  1. Is achieving a perfect work-life balance a myth or a reachable goal?
  2. According to studies, multitasking can actually reduce productivity. Do you find multitasking helpful or harmful when trying to maintain a work-life balance?
  3. What role do you think technology plays in both helping and hindering work-life balance?
  4. Do you think a good work-life balance is more about managing time or managing energy?

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