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Riunioni In Inglese: Conversazioni Complicate e Come Afffrontarle

Benvenuti alla Palestra Dello Speaking! Si, avete sentito bene! Il Conversation Club di MPEC è uno spazio sicuro dove mettere in pratica i nuovi vocaboli in inglese senza la paura di sbagliare, persino in un tema così complesso e spigoloso come quello di oggi: Che espressioni ci servono per affrontare con calma una conversazione complicata durante una riunione in Inglese?

Prepared for you by: My Personal English Coach

The Idioms You Could Practice Today:

  • Face the music 🎵
    • Definition: To confront the consequences or reality of a difficult situation.
    • Sample: It’s time we faced the music about the delays in project delivery.
  • Cut to the chase ✂️
    • Definition: Get to the point without wasting time.
    • Sample: Let’s cut to the chase and get straight to the main issue we’re facing.
  • At a crossroads 🚦
    • Definition: At a point where a crucial decision must be made.
    • Sample: Our team is at a crossroads; we need to decide the future direction of this project.
  • The last straw 🌾
    • Definition: The final problem in a series of problems that finally causes one to lose patience.
    • Sample: The missed deadline was the last straw for the client.

Round 1: Tell Us About it!

  1. Describe a situation where you felt like you were ‘walking on eggshells‘ during a meeting. How did you handle it?
  2. Can you recall a time when someone in a meeting ‘beat around the bush‘ instead of addressing the main issue? How did it affect the outcome?

Walking on eggshells 🥚

  • Definition: Being extremely cautious about what to say or do.
  • Sample: During the meeting about layoffs, everyone was walking on eggshells.

Beat around the bush 🌳

  • Definition: Avoiding the main topic, not speaking directly about the issue.
  • Sample: Let’s not beat around the bush – we need to discuss the budget cuts directly.

Round 2: Worms and Elephants

  1. Share an experience where someone ‘opened a can of worms‘ in a meeting. What was the topic and how was it resolved?
  2. Talk about a moment when there was an ‘elephant in the room‘ during a workplace discussion. How was it eventually addressed?

Open a can of worms 🐛

  • Definition: To bring up a topic that might cause trouble or lead to further problems.
  • Sample: Addressing his performance issues in the meeting could open a can of worms.

Elephant in the room 🐘

  • Definition: An obvious problem or controversial issue that no one wants to discuss.
  • Sample: We need to address the elephant in the room: our declining sales figures.

Round 3: Share Your Strategies

  1. Have you ever had to ‘clear the air‘ in a meeting after a misunderstanding? What approach did you take?
  2. What strategies or techniques do you use to ‘break the ice‘ in a tense meeting? Can you give a specific example?
  1. Clear the air 🌬️
    • Definition: To remove misunderstanding or bad feelings.
    • Sample: I think this meeting is a good opportunity to clear the air about recent misunderstandings.
  1. Break the ice ❄️
    • Definition: To relieve tension or awkwardness in a stressful situation.
    • Sample: I started with a joke to break the ice before we began the performance review.

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