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Usiamo i Phrasal Verbs in Conversazione! – Parte 3

Tutti i corsi mpec si basano su Conversazione, Comunicazione e Interazione e il nostro obiettivo principale è dare ai nostri studenti la sicurezza per affrontare qualsiasi argomento o idea in inglese. In questo articolo, puoi trovare il vocabolario e le domande che utilizziamo durante le sessioni del nostro Conversation Club in Zoom, ma che puoi anche cercare di usare da solo.

For A1-A2 Levels

Se sei al livello Base o Elementare, ti consigliamo di tradurre prima le domande di conversazione che trovi sotto. Questo ti aiuterà a sentirti più sicuro quando vorrai parlare e – se trovi parole che sono completamente nuove per te – assicurati di scriverle e usarle nella sessione del Conversation Club.

Part 1: Call Off – Figure Out – Turn Down

  • Have you ever called off a very important meeting?
  • Have you ever been turned down by someone after the 1st date?
  • Tell your partner about your personality trait you’re trying to change. Why are you trying to change it? How did you understand that it was a problem?
  • Have you ever turned down a job offer or a promotion? 

Phrasal Verbs

Call Off = Cancellare

to decide that a planned event will not happen: Union leaders called the strike off at the last minute. 

To call off a dog is to order it to stop attacking someone or something.

Figure Out = Capire come funziona qualcosa

to understand or solve something: figure out how/why/what, etc. If they know the cause of the problem, they might be able to figure out how to prevent it happening again. It takes most people some time to figure out new software.

 to calculate an amount: It is difficult to access funding before the elements of an outline business plan have been figured out.

Turn Down = Rifiutare una proposta o dire no a qualcuno / qualcosa

to refuse someone’s request: The bank turned her down for a loan. The former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman has turned down the job.

Part 2: Put off – Come up with – Mess up – Get Away with

  1. What is the most creative thing you ever came up with?
  2. Share one task you are putting off these days. Why do you think you’re procrastinating?
  3. What type of things does your partner puts off doing?
  4. What behaviour or attitude can mess up a marriage? Why?
  5. Have you ever cheated during a test? Did you get away with it?

Phrasal Verbs To Use  

Put off = Posticipare
I cannot keep putting off my dentist appointment. It’s been over 6 months since my last visit!

Come up with = Avere una idea, trovare una soluzione creativa ad un problema. Mark came up with this new way to test the students.

Mess up = lasciare disordine, sporcare, mettere qualcosa in disordine ma anche rovinare qualcosa (come una opportunità o un rapporto) : Who’s messed up the bookshelf?

to spoil or damage something, or to do something wrong or badly: messed up my chances of becoming a great singer.

get away with = sfuggire alla colpa o alla punizione quando fai qualcosa di sbagliato, or to avoid harm or criticism for something you did:

She thought she could get away with cheating on her taxes.

Part 3: Freak out – Miss out – Knuckle down

  1. When was the last time you knuckled down? Why? What was the result?
  2. Are there any experiences you missed out on when you were young because of your family’s background or because of where you lived?
  3. What 3 things really freak you out? Tell us about them!

Vocabulary To Use:

  • freak out- Qualcuno ‘freaks out’ quando va fuori di testa, o se qualcosa lo spaventa, all’improvviso si sente estremamente sorpreso, sconvolto, arrabbiato o confuso. I remember the first time I went onstage. I freaked out completely
  • miss out – non sfruttare un’opportunità per godere o trarre vantaggio da qualcosa : Don’t miss out on the fantastic bargains in our summer sale.
  • to knuckle down – cominciare a studiare o lavorare sodo: You’re going to have to really knuckle down (to your work) if you want to pass your final exams.


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