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A beautiful dessert

Let’s Talk about Food and Nutrition – IELTS Speaking Topic

All mpec courses are based on Conversation, Communication and Interaction and our main goal is to give our students the confidence to approach any topic or idea in English. Below, you can find vocabulary and role play materials which we use during our Conversation Club sessions in Zoom, but which you can also use on your own.

For A1-A2 Levels

Please, review the vocabulary related to the topic. It will help you feel more confident when role-playing and – if you find any words that are entirely new to you, make sure you write them down and use them in the Conversation Club meeting.

Part 1: Your Diet

  • Are you a FUSSY eater? What do you eat / what do you avoid / What do you refuse to eat? Was it the same when you were a toddler?
  • Do you remember the last time you turned your nose up at any food? Where did it take place? What happened?

Collocations and Expressions You Should Use In Your Answers

Try using the collocations from the list below.

fussy eater, US: picky eater n informal – person who dislikes many foods

toddler n – 1-2 year old child, no longer a baby

turn one’s nose up – to refuse to take or accept something because it is not good enough I offered the cat some food, but it turned its nose up and walked away

Part 2: Your Favourites…

  1. Do you have a sweet tooth? What are some sweet foodS / sweets you can’t resist?
  2. How likely are you to ever leave a restaurant with a doggy bag?
  3. What is your solution for leftovers? How frequently do you need to find one?

Vocabulary To Use  

  1. A sweet tooth – An enjoyment of sweet food
  2. A doggy bag – The leftovers of a meal in a restaurant taken home
  3. A scrumptious meal – A delicious meal
  4. Leftovers [ plural ] food remaining after a meal: This recipe can serve four easily, and the leftovers are just as good eaten cold.

A beautiful dessert or a terrible sin?

Part 3: Role Play

We prepared a lovely set of flashcards with different FOOD GROUPS and we would like you to become a couple of Nutrition Experts whose task is to put together a menu (breakfast – lunch – snack – dinner) for someone who is: a) Lactose Intolerant b) has got celiac disease c) is named Suzanne

Vocabulary To Use:

  1. Home cooked meals – Meals cooked at home
  2. Homemade food – Food made at home
  3. Junk food – Food with little nutritional value
  4. Leafy vegetables – Vegetables such as spinach and cabbage
  5. Mouth-watering meals – Delicious meals
  6. Nutritious food – Food with many nutrients
  7. Quick snack – a small meal that’s easy to eat ‘on the go’.
  8. Packed with vitamins – Full of vitamins
  9. Piping hot cup of coffee – Very hot coffee
  10. Pub lunch – Lunch served in a bar
  11. Rabbit food – Salad vegetables


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Self Study Suggestions:

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