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Let’s Talk About: Fashion

All mpec courses are based on Conversation, Communication and Interaction and our main goal is to give our students the confidence to approach any topic or idea in English. Below, you can find vocabulary and role play materials which we use during our Conversation Club sessions in Zoom, but which you can also use on your own.

For A1-A2 Levels

Please, review the vocabulary related to the topic. It will help you feel more confident when role-playing and – if you find any words that are entirely new to you, make sure you write them down and use them in the Conversation Club meeting.

Part 1: Preferences

What kind of clothing do you prefer to wear? 

What do people in your country wear to work? 

What kind of clothes do you despise? 

Do you prefer to shop alone or with someone? Why?

Vocabulary To Use:

  • wardrobe (n) — the collection of clothes in your closet that you normally wear.
  • strong colours (n) — the opposite of pastel colours
  • trendy (adjective) — fashionable
  • smart-casual (adj) — casual but clean and stylish 
  • outfit (n) — a coordinated set of clothes
  • pricey (adjective) — costly (informal)
  • old-school (adjective) – something that is traditional or old-fashioned (but not very old)
  • baggy (adj) — loose 
  • antique (adj) — old (about things), unique, traditional style
  • eccentric clothes (n) — unusual, out-of-the-ordinary attire
  • trending jeans (n) — ripped 
  • Hipster (n) — a trendy person 
  • sloppy (adv) — loose-fitting and casual
  • brand loyalty (n) — a consumer’s emotionally charged decision to buy a certain brand or known companies over and over again 
  • Catwalk — the platform on which modals walk to show off the latest ready-to-wear trends

Part 2: Is it true…?

Some people think women shop more than men. Do you think this is true?

Vocabulary to use:

‘it’ – a person or thing that is exceptionally fashionable, popular, or successful at a particular time.”they were Hollywood’s It couple

keep up with the (adv) fashion = be updated, know the new trends

blow money on something = spend a lot of $$$ on silly things

Part 3: How is shopping different now compared to how it was in the past?

Vocabulary to use

Stay current: to be up to date
Spoiled for choice: to have a lot of options available to you
High street: the main street where shops, banks and businesses are located.
Unfathomable: unimaginable
e-shops: stores that do business online
click of a button: on a computer or device, something that requires very little effort
at your doorstep: at your home or near where you live

Part 4 : Describe someone you know who dresses really well, include the following information:

  • who they are
  • how you know them
  • what kind of clothes do they wear
  • why you like the way they dress

Positive Words To Use



neat and tidy appearance

Negative Words To Use

 plain or boring 


over the top


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Self Study Suggestions:

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