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Let’s Talk About: Accidents at Home

A role play area is a fun and a ‘playful’ activity but also a key component in language learning. It is a safe space that develops speaking and listening skills, as well as giving us the opportunity to become more confident with a new topic, vocabulary item or grammar structure.

All mpec courses are based on Conversation, Communication and Interaction and our main goal is to give our students the confidence to approach any topic or idea in English. Below, you can find vocabulary and role play materials which we use during our Conversation Club sessions in Zoom, but which you can also use on your own.

For A1-A2 Levels

Please, review the vocabulary related to the topic. It will help you feel more confident when role-playing and – if you find any words that are entirely new to you, make sure you write them down and use them in the Conversation Club meeting.

PART 1: Warm Up – What to do

  • What do you need to do if…
    • you cut your finger preparing food?
    • you fall down and can not move a limb?
    • your child drinks a poisonous liquid? (discuss syrup of ipecac)
    • the toilet is flooding the bathroom?
    • a pan on the stove is on fire?
    • a neighbour’s dog is growling at you?
    • our child falls off a chair and is bleeding?


A German court has ruled that sustaining an injury while walking from your bedroom to your home office constitutes a workplace accident. The judges decided that walking a few metres from your bed to your desk in another room in your house can be considered a commute to work. As such, any injuries sustained on that short journey can be eligible for compensation payouts. The landmark ruling was made in a case where a man slipped while descending a staircase from his bedroom to his home office and fractured a vertebra. The court decided that the “first morning journey from bed to the home office is an insured work route”. This decision could start a rush to get similar cases heard in courts. The notion of what constitutes a workplace has


  • Student A: You’re a lawyer and you’re convinced that in cases such as the one described above the law should acknowledge any hazards as workplace accidents. You’re meeting a friend who is also a lawyer for a coffee. Discuss it with him/her.

changed since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Millions of people have switched from working in offices to working at home. This has implications for health and safety issues as well as the legalities around workplace accidents. One big question concerns who is responsible for ensuring a home office satisfies safety requirements, and to what extent an employer is liable for injuries sustained in an employee’s home.

  • Student B: You’re a lawyer and you’re convinced that the cases described above do NOT qualify as workplace accidents. You’re meeting a friend who is also a lawyer for a coffee. Discuss it with him/her.

Part 3: Where in the house…

Where are these items found in a house, why could they be dangerous, to whom could they be dangerous, and what could someone do to lessen the danger they present?

hot curling iron and hairdryer


bric-a-brac (ornaments)




hot pan/pot

yard tools

wing set / playground




yard tools




PART 4: Smart Work Role Play



Student A strongly believes working from home is better than going to work


Student B strongly believes the opposite…

Let’s see what happens, shall we?


Tell your partner about an accident you recently read about or that you’ve seen in the news. Who was involved? What happened? How did you feel when you saw it?


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Self Study Suggestions:

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