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Let’s Role Play: No Receipt, no money 💵 ?

A role play area is a fun and a ‘playful’ activity but also a key component in language learning. It is a safe space that develops speaking and listening skills, as well as giving us the opportunity to become more confident with a new topic, vocabulary item or grammar structure.

All mpec courses are based on Conversation, Communication and Interaction and our main goal is to give our students the confidence to approach any topic or idea in English. Below, you can find vocabulary and role play materials which we use during our Conversation Club sessions in Zoom, but which you can also use on your own.

For A1-A2 Levels

Please, review the vocabulary related to: RETURNING YOUR PURCHASE AND RECEIPTS. It will help you feel more confident when role-playing and – if you find any words that are entirely new to you, make sure you write them down and use them in the Conversation Club meeting.

PART 1: Warm Up – Return a radio (who needs a radio, anyway…)

Student A: Yesterday you bought a radio and today you changed your mind and want to return it.

Student B: You work in the local Media Markt shop. You are a very happy, optimistic and easy going person.

A: I don’t want to keep this radio.

B: No problem. Let me see your receipt, please. / No problem. You do have your receipt, don’t you?

A: Of course. I always keep my receipts. / Here you go. / Here you are / Certainly. I have it right here.

B: Is there a problem with the radio? / What seems to be the problem?

A: Something is rattling around inside it. / It doesn’t have a headphone jack. /It doesn’t pick up my favorite station./ It has poor reception. / It does not work very well. /

B: Would you like a different model? / If you’d like, I can show you a different one. / Perhaps you’d like a different one?

A: No. Just give me a refund, please. /No, thank you. A refund is all I want. /No. I’d just like a refund. / No, thanks. A refund will be just fine.

B: Okay, a refund will be no problem. / No problem. This’ll only take a minute. /  A refund it will be. Do you have the original box?

Part 2: Your Habits

Vocabulary: Do you know the following words?
* exchange * refund * receipt *
– a piece of paper from a store showing where and when you bought something and how much you paid for it _____
– to return money to a customer ____
– to return a product and take another one in its place ___

  • Do you frequently exchange your purchase? Why? Why not?
  • When was the last time you asked for a refund? Why?
  • Do you keep all your receipts? Some? None? Why? Do you know anyone who doesn’t behave the same way?
What Are The 3 Questions You Wouldn’t Want To Be Asked?

Part 3: Shouldn’t Have Binned The Receipt!

Our next role play will be a conversation with the CFO of your company. In that scenario, you had forgotten to ask for a receipt from a hotel during your business trip and so, you are now in trouble and trying to find a solution.

Can you think of any situation in which it is reaaaaally important to keep the receipt?

Have you ever tossed /binned / threw away the receipt and then needed it? What did you do? Do you know anybody to whom it happened?

PART 4: Role Play – No Receipt, No 💵


Recently, on a business trip, you stayed for two nights at the Fortuna Hotel at a cost of $200. You wish to claim the expenses back from your company. However, you have lost the receipt. You decide to speak to the Finance Manager


Student A: You are eager to claim your money as the two nights were quite expensive. Although you lost the receipt, the company knows that you stayed at the hotel.

Student B: You are the Finance Manager. You like to follow rules, especially where money is concerned. Your company has a simple rule: no receipt, no money.

Useful Phrases

“I hope you can be lenient.”
“It’s a lot of money.”
“We have strict guidelines that we must follow.”
“I don’t like to bend the rules.”

“I was wondering whether it would be possible to…“ “Is there any way we might… “Would there be a chance to maybe…“ “Could you suggest any way in which I might…


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Self Study Suggestions:

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