Are You Afraid Of Speaking in English?

If you want to practice speaking, this is a great set of questions and vocabulary to help you become more confident!

This is a taste of what our speaking activity ‘Conversation Club’ feels like – during all mpec courses, you are welcome to join our Club via Zoom to speak about the topic we select for you for that particular week.

Hey there, mpec People!

We know that – of all the situations you may feel insecure about – speaking is most certainly the most pressing and scary one. It is not as much the question of your actual level (even rather advanced students can feel insecure when speaking!) – what blocks us is the fear of judgement and the awareness that a mistake we could make would stay on – no correction, no revision is possible in speaking.

Ouch. It feels scary. We get it.

So, over the month of July, we want to propose a set of short FB Live video sessions to help you feel more comfortable when discussing topics like: WILLPOWER; MISTAKES; FOOD and more.

Here is the FB Live Interactive Conversation with Suzanne:CLICK HERE

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