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Why Do Italian Companies Choose To Deliver Training In English?

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For Italian companies seeking to expand their business internationally, proficiency in the English language is one of the most important skills their employees should possess. Professional communication in English can open many doors and enable access to new markets and collaborations with international partners.

Written with love by: Suzanne Pilch, ICF Certified Coach & MPEC Partner

From studies conducted between 2020 and 2023, it emerges that there are several reasons why many Italian companies choose to provide English training:

International Communication: English is the international language of business and technology. Many Italian companies work with foreign partners and clients, so having a good command of English is essential for effective communication.

Global Competitiveness: Italian companies must compete on a global scale. To remain competitive, they need highly skilled employees with the necessary language skills to work with international clients and partners.

Access to resources and information: Many important resources and information for businesses are only available in English. Having employees who are fluent in English can help Italian companies access these resources and information and use them to improve their work.

Career opportunities: Having language skills, particularly in English, can open up many career opportunities for employees. Italian companies that provide English training to their employees can help them develop these skills and have greater opportunities for professional growth.

It is clear that for Italian companies seeking to expand their business internationally, proficiency in the English language is one of the most important skills that their employees should possess. However, many people may feel stuck or insecure when it comes to communicating in English, but don’t worry! English training delivered entirely in this language can be the perfect solution to overcome this communication block.

MPEC Coaching Principles

What Does MPEC Offer to Companies Interested in Workshops In English?

At MPEC, we have developed a coaching-based approach to help people overcome their fears and insecurities in English, and to build a bilingual linguistic identity starting from any level. Our goal is to eliminate feelings of inadequacy, limitation, blockage or inability, and create an environment in which employees can learn to communicate in English effortlessly and with pleasure.

Our English workshops are completely customized to the specific needs of each client. We can focus on improving professional communication in English, creating new linguistic habits, and speaking without shame. You don’t have to worry about studying grammar, because our approach focuses on learning, not studying.

Is it possible to become more confident in English without a language course? Of course it is!

Of course it is! If your employees already have a general foundation in English (for example, an intermediate level), we can leave behind traditional language training and the tedious English courses that everyone had to take years ago. Instead, we open the doors to English training where the focus is not the language itself but the communicative skill that we want to improve. An MPEC coach can help workshop participants build greater communicative confidence by working on one of these Hot Topics for Company Training:

  • Leadership & management: Leadership and management training is essential for developing the skills of managers and business leaders.
  • Communication: Communication training is important for improving the ability to communicate effectively within the company and with customers.
  • Marketing & Sales: Sales and marketing training helps companies develop the skills necessary to promote their products and services and increase sales.
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI): Diversity, equity, and inclusion training helps companies develop inclusive and welcoming work environments for all employees, regardless of their background or identity.
  • Soft skills: Soft skills training, such as stress management, conflict resolution, and collaboration, is important for developing personal and relational skills that can help employees work better together and achieve their goals.

With our highly qualified and motivated MPEC Coaches who guide employees every step of their journey, your corporate training always includes an element of team building. This is because the atmosphere in the classroom (virtual or in-person) is truly stimulating, engaging, and consequently helps us feel like a more cohesive and aligned team.

If your company needs to work in English to achieve its international goals, training delivered entirely in English can be an excellent solution to overcome communication barriers, improve your linguistic identity, and become more competitive in the global market. Come discover how we can help your company achieve its international goals!

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