You are currently viewing B2 English Lesson Materials: Navigating Beliefs and Biases in the Workplace Based on Julia Galef’s TED Talk

B2 English Lesson Materials: Navigating Beliefs and Biases in the Workplace Based on Julia Galef’s TED Talk

Welcome to the MPEC Learning Page, your dedicated resource for tailor-made English lesson plans that align with our mission to transform the English learning journey into a path of discovery, confidence, and mastery. Today, we are excited to introduce an innovative lesson plan designed around the insightful TED Talk by Julia Galef, titled “Why you think you’re right—even if you’re wrong.”

Who Is This Lesson For?

This comprehensive package is crafted to engage learners at a B2 level, focusing on critical thinking, self-awareness, and the dynamic world of biases and mindsets—a perfect blend for professionals aiming to enhance their communication skills in English. Inside, you’ll find a detailed lesson plan that guides you through the intricacies of facilitating discussions on the scout and soldier mindsets, motivated reasoning, and the importance of open-mindedness in personal and professional growth.

Accompanying the lesson plan, we’ve included a vocabulary handout, meticulously prepared to bolster your students’ understanding of key concepts and terms introduced in the TED Talk. This handout serves not only as a tool for language learning but also as a stepping stone towards deeper comprehension and critical analysis.

To ensure your presentation is as engaging and informative as possible, you’ll also find a set of slides, ready for use. These slides are designed to complement the lesson, with visuals and summaries that capture the essence of Galef’s talk, making complex ideas accessible and stimulating.

Whether you’re teaching English in a corporate setting, a classroom, or one-on-one sessions, this package is designed to empower you, the educator, to inspire your students to explore beyond the language itself and delve into meaningful discussions that challenge their perceptions and encourage growth.

Dive into this lesson plan to unlock a world of critical thinking, self-reflection, and language development for your students, all while reinforcing the core values of MPEC. Your journey towards fostering a bilingual identity, grounded in confidence and curiosity, starts here.

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