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& Negotiation

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Exclusive Master Certification by:
Cambridge Legal Experts,
Soft Skills & Negotiation Coaches

2 Lifelong Certificates
54 hrs of Contract Language & Negotiation Practice
40 hrs of Business & General Conversation Practice
Blended Formula: Zoom Workshops & E-Learning

Recommended for any law practitioners looking to build their bilingual identity, expand their client portfolio or seek international career opportunities

Who should apply

mpec is an accredited exam centre for Test of Legal English Skills

This comprehensive program is designed to empower lawyers and help them gain the communication confidence of a native speaker.
This program is tailor-made for professionals who want to thrive in international business context and who seek high quality, interactive, communication-based training.

The Master equips the participants with practical skills, vocabulary and techniques needed to excel in understanding, negotiating and drafting commercial contracts.

It is a necessary step for any lawyer who wishes to be more competitive in the legal industry or open doors to international career opportunities.

the Master in NUmbers

20 hours of Negotiation

10 Sessions of 2h each

4 Editions a year

Spring - Summer- Autumn - Winter

2 Lifelong Certificates

Master in Contract Drafting Issued by: Cambridge Law Studio
Master in Contract Negotiation Issued by: My Personal English Coach

1 year of Conversation Practice

30 min twice a week for 1 school year Guided Conversations in Zoom

40 hrs of Guided Conversations in Zoom
34 hrs di Legal English e Vocabolario Contrattuale
Accesso a E-learning Personale: 100% Flessibile

We love being flexible:
Choose any of the 4 annual editions of the Master and gain your Certification learning at your own pace.

Content overview


The Legal English Practice is curated by Catherine Mason - the Founder of Cambridge Law Studio, published author of The Lawyer's English Course book , creator of TOLES Exams (Test of Legal English Skills)

Some of the key topics covered in the Contract Law & Vocabulary part of the Master are:

  • Understanding Contracts Drafted in English
  • Common Law Legal Concepts in Contracts: Explained
  • Mistakes and How to Avoid them (Specific for Law and Contracts)
  • Drafting Styles: The Current Best Practice
  • The Formation of a Contract
  • Boilerplate Clauses in Commercial Contracts
  • The Liability of Businesses for Negligence
  • Sole Traders and Traditional Partnerships
  • Contractual Warranties
  • The Liability of Businesses for Nuisance
  • Damages as a Remedy for Breach
  • Payment Clauses and Retention of Title
  • An Introduction to Limited Companies
  • The Structure of a Commercial Contract
  • Grammar & Collocations for Lawyers


24 hrs

Anytime – 24/7


The Negotiation Workshop syllabus was inspired by the famous book The Language of Negotiation by Joan Mulholland and curated by Suzanne Pilch & Ed Tyrrell - Soft Skills Experts & ICF Certified Coaches

Some of the key topics covered in the Negotiation Workshops:

Acts of negotiation

  • Response types (Accuse, Advise, Answer)
  • Successful answers vs Evasive answers
  • Why argue? (Starting & Losing an argument)
  • Signals of assertion & its social implications
  • Complain and Confirm
  • Direct – Discuss – Dismiss
  • Informing oneself and others Scripts: Negotiate, Offer, Promise, Refer, Report, Reprimand, Tell
  • Completing the negotiation Strategies for: remembering and being remembered

Language and culture

  • Spoken interaction
  • Listening for meaning
  • Strategies for good relationships
  • Strategies and counter-strategies
  • Written communication
  • The power of metaphor
  • Paradigm and syntagm
  • Bonding
  • Conversation: nature, structure & rules Negotiation as conversation

ZOOM Workshops

20 hrs

4 editions a year
1 class a week for 10 weeks
Mon or Wed 5-7PM CET


1 YEAR OF ACCESS TO ENGLISH CONVERSATION PRACTICE The Conversation Club is a part of the Language Engagement Method created by MPEC.
It draws from neuroscience and coaching to empower language learners and boost their speaking fluency.

Some of the topics covered in the guided conversation practice (participants practice in pairs)

Business Communication Practice

  • Acing a job interview in English
  • Participating in a team brainstorming session
  • Discussing performance feedback
  • Negotiating a contract with a business partner
  • Resolving a conflict between team members
  • Preparing a persuasive proposal
  • Leading a training session for new employees
  • Discussing Social Media Strategy
  • Giving a presentation at a conference or seminar
  • Conducting a performance appraisal
  • Discussing project progress and updates
  • Delegating tasks and responsibilities
  • Handling a difficult conversation
  • Elevator Pitch

Social Communication Practice

  • Airports and security checks
  • Asking for directions to a tourist attraction
  • Ordering food and drinks at a restaurant
  • Hotels: discussing preferences
  • Renting a car: driving directions
  • Buying tickets for a sightseeing tour
  • Negotiating prices at a local market
  • Hobbies and interests

ZOOM events

40 hrs

2 sessions a week, October-July
Tuesdays 6-6.30pm CET
Thursdays 1-1.30pm CET

Iscrizione Master Legale Inglese

Admission Requirements
& Application Process

The entire Master program is delivered in English. Therefore, a minimum level of B1 (Intermediate) is the admission requirement for all participants.

We have a comprehensive 2 steps admission process:

1. Fill out the GDPR Registration Form

2. Take our Level Assessment Grammar Test:

We will reach out to you with your Grammar Test Score and (if your level is B1 or higher) with the Master Course Application for you to sign.


Reach out to with any questions or doubts:

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