Business English

What is the Leadership Factory by mpec?

It is an interactive, engaging and innovative training proposal for Italian companies who need to boost their English Communication

Business English Courses

Through "Expand Your Mind", mpec invites Italian companies to benefit from cutting-edge international business training.
All the courses are delivered in English, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience that is both engaging and interactive.

Led by the team of mpec Coaches, Italian companies can develop Business and Soft Skills in English, thus making their corporate training more competitive, fresh and multicultural.
The radical customization and Coaching Mindset distinguish mpec trainers ensuring the success of the mpec training delivered through streaming or in-person (Milan, Padua, Rome).

Corporate Training
in English


Delivered entirely in English, these courses help develop interpersonal (“soft”) skills, deemed essential for every professional or leader.
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Our technical English courses for companies and business people from all sectors.


Training focused on the development of specific professional skills for each role, sector, and corporate position. 100% in English, of course!
corsi inglese personalizzati

Bespoke Language Courses

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    Individual courses are the preferred choice for companies seeking to create English language programs for executives or a particular team with specific training needs. Each course is designed based on the following parameters: initial level, goals to be achieved, and participant’s professional profile.

    Small Groups

    A group course with 2-6 participants is highly effective for employees working together to improve their English level, guided by a professional coach in a motivational and interactive environment.


    Unlike group courses that help participants reach a higher level of English, workshops focus on a specific skill. In a practical seminar setting, participants work with a hands-on approach to develop complete confidence in the chosen skill theme. The most frequent workshops include: Public Speaking, Creative Writing, Soft Skills, Negotiation, and Sales.

    Why should we choose mpec for our corporate training?

    Tailor-made learning experience

    mpec offers a student-centered approach where every learning path is personalized based on the individual goals of each student. This ensures that participants can effectively and quickly achieve their goals.

    Coaching method

    We are the only ones in Italy to use coaching principles as a didactic and methodological basis. Thanks to this, our courses are characterized by active listening, the use of motivation, visualizations, simulations, and the presence of a positive, solution-focused mindset.

    Bilingual language identity

    At mpec we are dedicated to getting rid of the common feelings of inadequacy, limitation, blockage, or inability that people may experience when learning a second language. Our goal is to help our students develop a bilingual language identity, regardless of their initial level.


    Italian professionals from all sectors can learn to communicate in English effortlessly through our training. This makes their companies more competitive on the international market and opens up new business opportunities.

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      Who are mpec's clients?

      Individuals or Companies

      mpec‘s clients can be individuals of any age and language proficiency level, as well as companies. Specifically, those who seek to improve their English communication skills for personal or professional purposes and do not want to follow a standard academic program.

      Tailored Linguistic Training

      mpec offers the corporate clients completely customized language training services to help employees acquire the language skills necessary to compete effectively in the international market. These services can be provided to small, medium, or large companies in various industrial sectors.

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        Our clients include

        Mitsubishi, SsangYong, Mediaset, LaRoche, Nexi, Schindler, Celtic Football Club, PwC, e altri: