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Enough & Plenty: Talking about Quantities


“Don’t worry, we have plenty of time!”  – “Their team had to pull out of the tournament, they didn’t have enough players.” We probably don’t realise how often we use these words. They are so good at communicating the fundamental information without going into details. These two English words can be used as quantifiers, nouns and adverbs, which makes them very flexible. But that’s an English Grammar question! Here, we want to focus more on the use of these two words, rather than the grammar.

Having said that, however, it is important to study the grammar a little bit, too!

Indeed, in this lesson, we look at when and how ‘Enough’ and ‘Plenty’ are used, and what their meanings are. This free English lesson was done live on Facebook and the video is below. If you scroll down past the video, you will also find a copy of the worksheet with explanations, examples, exercises and answers. “Well, that’s enough, I have plenty of other things to do!”