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How many of our romantic idioms can you use?

We can say that a person becomes truly fluent in their second language when they know how to describe complex feelings and opinions. Well, there are hardly any feelings more complex than LOVE, wouldn’t you agree? So, today we want to share with you some 6 romantic idioms and some helpful adjectives that will make you sound natural and fluent when discussing this topic.

So, are you ready to learn some new words today? Let’s get started!

Below, you can find the first part of our vocabulary for today:

Beautiful or ugly are simply too generic to describe people when talking about love!

Here are some more specific adjectives that you can use as synonyms of these two (slightly overused by the students…) general adjectives.


The blue braided band Apple sent me to go with the red watch creates a dazzling look.


Somehow, a campus I once thought hideous has become beautiful to me.


For those who value style over warmth and vice-versa, gloves run the gamut from functional to drop-dead gorgeous


The awful smell like rotting is around now. She told me an awful thing about Paul.


You look stunning tonight! This apartment has stunning views of sea and mountains


He could not fail to note the different effects he and his cousin produced in her—the ghastly difference

What is the difference between “hug”, “embrace”, and “cuddle”?

These three words can be used both as nouns and verbs and, although their meaning is quite similar, there are some differences between them, so let’s give them a look, shall we?

  • A hug is when you put either one or two arms around the torso of another person in a friendly way. A hug is normally completed within 3–5 seconds. Contact is usually restricted to the upper torso and back. Level Of Intimacy:1
  • An embrace is like a hug, but it must be with two arms and you press harder. Embraces can exceed 5 seconds in length, and can involve more contact than a hug Level of Intimacy: 2
  • A cuddle is like an embrace, but you wiggle around a bit and it goes for much longer. Cuddles are reserved for happy situations, whereas hugs and embraces can also be used in sad situations. Level of Intimacy: 100 😀

Want to practice ? Which of the three words should we put in the blanks below? To make it more challenging, some of the sentences require a verb!

  1. It was too cold to go for a walk, so Suzanne and her dog spent all the morning _____________ .
  2. I didn’t know him, so I wanted to go for a handshake, but – being from Spain – he went for a ______________ . It was a bit awkward.
  3. When he told her the bad news, he wanted to ________________ her but she just turned around and ran away.

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