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Too much ‘Nice’ in the world? (Part 1)

Many students of English overuse the adjective ‘nice’. Do you?




The following text contains the word ‘nice’ 34 times! Your job is to replace most of them (Don’t worry about the title) with an appropriate synonym depending on whether the word(s) used is(are) positive or negative and ‘nice’, ‘very nice’, ‘very, very nice’ or ‘really nice’.

There are a lot of possible answers. Sometimes, certain common collocations will mean that one synonym can be used and another cannot. This is something that you will need a good dictionary to help you with. I have included a link to some possible answers at the bottom of the post

To help you with this exercise, for some synonyms for nice click here. You can also use your own synonyms. Be creative!

We left Milan on a dull, gloomy Saturday morning. Only the 1NICE little Fiat 500 that we rented made us smile. However, we were very happy to be going to a wedding celebration party in Tuscany. Normally, the journey from Milan to Florence by car takes a little over 3 hour. Unfortunately for us, the weather forecast for the morning was not 2NICE. It started raining very heavily as we got onto the motorway, this meant that traffic was moving slowly and our mood matched the world outside our 3NICE little car.

Fortunately, things did improve. As we left the Lombardy region and passed into the Tuscany region, it stopped raining and the sky brightened up. Perfect timing really, as the scenery along the roads in Tuscany was very 4NICE.

After about 4 hours driving, we arrived at our friends’ house. The live in a 5NICE little town about half an hour outside Florence. When we arrived, lunch was ready and it was very 6NICE!

After lunch we went with our friend to check on some last minute details at the party location. When we got there we found out that it was a 7NICE old Tuscan house with a very 8NICE view. The cherry on the cake was the infinity edge swimming pool. Really 9NICE.

That evening we had dinner outdoors, in our friends’ garden. It was also an opportunity to meet some of their family and friends. It was a really 10NICE evening, with, as you can imagine, really 11NICE food and, of course, 12NICE company.

We didn’t actually stay with our friends; as you can imagine before such a party, they were under pressure to get everything organised! Instead, some of their friends who live on the same road were 13NICE enough to put us up while we were there. And that first evening after dinner when we went to their house to sleep, we chatted for a while and discovered that there were really 14NICE people.

The following morning, our hosts were 15NICE enough to bring us to Florence city. I had been there before in 2003, but it was terribly hot that year, which made it difficult to enjoy the city. This time, the weather was very 16NICE. Having people who know the city well as our guides was also very 17NICE. We walked towards the cathedral and sat down in a bar for a typical Italian breakfast: cappuccinos and sweet pastries. They were really, really 18NICE. Breakfast, however, was made memorable by the view of the cathedral. Our hosts then brought us through the streets of Florence to Piazza Della Signoria, the square where the famous and very 19NICE statue David by Michelangelo is displayed (actually, it is a copy, the original is in the Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts) and then to the very 20NICE “Ponte Vecchio” (Old Bridge), has building with shops and even apartments all the way across on either side. After a full morning in Florence city, we went home for something to eat.

Shortly after, we all got dressed up and went to the party. It was a very 21NICE evening, and everyone enjoyed themselves.

The next day, we all set off together on a day trip to Pienza, another very 22NICE town in Tuscany. The drive was quite a long drive, but worth it. The scenery was very, very 23NICE. It was a real life version of the postcards or photographs that you can sometimes see in books. When we got to Pienza, we were amazed. The walk from the car park to the town centre was very 24NICE; it was a footpath high on the side of the hill with very 25NICE panoramic views.

Pienza is really 26NICE. In 1996, it was declared a ‘World Heritage Site’ by UNESCO. After walking around for a while we sat down at an enoteca (wine shop) that also served simple food. We had some wine and typical local cheese and salami, all of which was very 27NICE. We then had some very 28NICE ice-cream, and, before leaving, bought some 29NICE local cheese and salami to bring home.

That evening we all had dinner together at out hosts home and enjoyed the conversation. 30NICE food and 31NICE company does not cost a lot, but it offers much.

The next morning we started our journey home. For the first part of the trip we followed our friends’ advice and didn’t take the motorway. Instead, we followed a 32NICE road over the mountain (a ‘pass’), which had very 33NICE views. Unfortunately, as when we left Milan, it started raining and we weren’t able to see much. We stopped in a small restaurant at the top of the mountain for a very 34NICE lunch and then finally headed home!

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