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Blooming Great!

By Ed Tyrrell / 6 ottobre 2017

Some botanical vocabulary that is often used in non-botanical contexts!


The 100-Day English Challenge

By Ed Tyrrell / 26 settembre 2017

How brave are you? Really? You know you have to improve your English, that is why you are reading my blog, isn’t it? Well, despite the fact that there are many ‘courses’ and books that promise to teach you English in 60 days etc., learning English takes a long time and a lot of hard work.

The Monster You Left Behind
Ed Tyrrell Ed Tyrrell
26 settembre 2017

The Monster You Left Behind

This is a little poem to challenge you. It is a high-level exercise based not on individual words, but rather on tone of voice and implied meanings. Feel free to comment with your interpretation or to contact me if you are curious to know what it means (to me!).