Why we're better

It's not our work, it's our passion

It's not our work, it's our passion

We love what we do

English is our passion, and this is what unites us at My Personal English Coach.
This is why our courses combine real practice and study with contents and materials generated and proposed specifically for each and every one of you.
On our team we have coaches with background in Creative Writing, Programming, Visual Arts, Logistics, Fashion, Marketing, Linguistics and Law; our experience makes us who we are - a team capable of engaging our students in meaningful, captivating and memorable lessons no matter the level nor type of English course.

Real materials

Real materials

Real results

The lessons involve a vast amount of different materials, from videos and news to TED conferences, text books and literature. We focus on preparing our clients for successful communication in English and we believe in a fully practical approach to studying.
Our goal is to make our students capable of using all they learn and empower them to become truly independent English speakers.

What method do we use?

What method do we use?

Language Engagement by mpec

Imagine that you want to learn how to drive a car because you are trying to get a new job which will require a regular commute. You find a driving instructor but instead of practical, pragmatic lessons focused on how to get you to drive as soon as possible, they offer you a full course on how car engines are built. One year down the road, you are still lacking confidence to get in the car and drive to the job you so much desired.

At mpec, we do not sell you a 2 year course by default, nor do we send you back in time to when you were a secondary school student. We created a proprietary didactic method called Language Engagement, based on neuroscience and coaching, drawing from NLP and behavioural psychology, to help our students gain confidence in their communication skills as soon as possible

Mpec method adapts to you

Mpec method adapts to you

Only Humans Who Feel Engaged - Speak

We tailor our courses not only to your level but also to your passions, sector, interests and hobbies. We know how to weave a strong emotional bond between you and the language you want to learn and we motivate you to reach the goals through coaching tools such as accountability, visualisation, role plays, and many, many more.

Imagine you want to learn English to get the job of your dreams. At mpec, we know how to ‘unblock’ your communication skills and we pride ourselves in being the only English school on the market where language learning alway goes hand in hand with motivation.

The initial and vital phases


Phase 1

You define your objectives


Phase 2

We evaluate your current English level, then tailor-make a course for your needs


Phase 3

We work together to reach your goals