Ed Tyrrell

Something for the weekend

Some of you may already know, or at least heard of, “Ted. Ideas worth spreading”. In case you haven’t, it’s a forum where experts in their own fields are invited to give talks about projects or ideas they are working on.





The really great thing for the language learner is that the site is an amazing resource of video, audio and texts that can be used not only to improve comprehension skills, but also vocabulary and even pronunciation!

I use these videos occasionally in my classes and below is one that I used not so long ago, along with a ‘gap fill’ exercise. Usually I suggest watching the video once without the text for overall comprehension. Then, a further two times with the gap fill text, trying to fill in the missing words. This particular exercise is for students with a minimum level of B1.

Here is a link to the gap fill text:

Learning Material

Ryan Holladay Student Fill The Gaps Internet

The answers are available on the Ted site. If you search for the video, you can access the full text to get your answer… After! Not before!