Ed Tyrrell

Should you? Do you have to? Must you?

Do you have difficulty talking about obligation or giving advice in English? Our latest post might just help you.





Should Must Have To

Modal auxiliary verbs are used for a variety of ideas, but this post today will focus on talking about ‘Advice & Obligation’.

Often, obligation comes from traditions and/or ‘standard behaviour’ and this can change depending on the country you live in.

This means that the verbs used to talk about these things could change from one country to another, and that’s ok;  just keep this in mind while you are doing these exercises as there are times when more than one answer is possible.

If you are unsure, or would like some help, just leave a comment and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

The Explanation:   Obligation and Advice

The Exercise:        Airport questions

The Answers:        Airport answers