Ed Tyrrell

If I could turn back time…

Time travel. Something we have all dreamed about or spoken about with friends at some stage or another. Books and movies have been dedicated to the fantastic possibilities of man oneday discovering a means to do so.





What would you do? Would you visit a place like this?

San Vito Dei Normanni

Can you imagine what it would be like to be able to speak to these men? I would probably want to ask them what they do, their jobs, and maybe where they would like to travel. In those days, travel took a lot longer. There was no such thing as simply jumping on a plane for a quick flight here or there.

I would also ask them about their dreams and ambitions. And, for a bit of fun, I would ask them to predict the future. “How will travel be in the future?” “What will people do for entertainment?” would be some my questions.

If I could time travel, I certainly would. Who wouldn’t?

Would you? And if you did, where and when would you go? Let me know in a comment, if you want!

Well, maybe reading this you already have. Anyone with a bit of imagination can time travel. Anyone with photoshop, too!

San Vito Dei Normanni Original