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Looking Forward

By Ed Tyrrell / 28 September 2017

I’ll see him – I’m going to see him – I’m seeing him – I will have seen him…The future tenses in English can be daunting. There are 7 ‘official’ future tenses and “a whole host” (nice quantifying expression – it means ‘a lot of’) of other verbs and expressions that we use in a variety of different situations.


The Passive Voice

By Ed Tyrrell / 26 September 2017

The Passive Voice is used in English when we describe an action that is done without including who or what does the action (the agent – often referred to as the subject) in the same sentence.

A quick look around the office…
Ed Tyrrell Ed Tyrrell
26 September 2017

A quick look around the office…

Sometimes, it’s the easy things that are difficult. We spend a lot of time working to understand and memorize grammar in order to be able to communicate various ideas. But what happens when you are in the office and you need one of these: