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Are You Afraid Of Speaking in English?

Let's Talk About Willpower!

Hey there, mpec People!

We know that - of all the situations you may feel insecure about - speaking is most certainly the most pressing and scary one. It is not as much the question of your actual level (even rather advanced students can feel insecure when speaking!) - what blocks us is the fear of judgement and the awareness that a mistake we could make would stay on - no correction, no revision is possible in speaking.

Ouch. It feels scary. We get it.

So, over the month of July, we want to propose a set of short FB Live video sessions to help you feel more comfortable when discussing topics like: WILLPOWER; MISTAKES; FOOD and more.

Here is the FB Live Interactive Conversation with Suzanne:CLICK HERE

Willpower Mpec Club

And this is the short video Suzanne recommended for you: How to Increase Your Willpower

at mpec, we love making you feel comfortable through conversation-based lessons and courses - check our Zoom Courses for the next school year if you want to become our student and feel more fluent and confident when using English.