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Apulia: a place that must be seen. Relatively speaking!

Below is a text about Apulia, Italy. It contains a number of ‘relative clauses’ but the relative pronouns have been deleted. Can you fill them in? Answers are at the end of the text, along with a brief explanation. As per usual, if you have an comments, please feel free to write to me.. Enjoy!






Apulia (Puglia), _______ has a population of circa 4 million people, is one of Italy’s 20 regions.  It covers an area of approx. 19,300km2, some of ______ forms the famous ‘heel’ peninsula of Italy, _____ is also referred to as ‘Salento’.

The region of Apulia, _____ capital is Bari, is divided into six provinces; Bari, Barletta – Andria – Trani, Brindisi, Foggia, Lecce, and Taranto.

The official language spoken in Apulia is Italian. However, there are a number of other languages used throughout the region. Grika, _______ is a dialect form of modern Greek, is spoken in isolated pockets of Salento. Local dialects of the Neapolitan and Sicilian tongues are also spoken in the region. There are two other little spoken languages used in the region ________ are the result of immigration throughout history.

Apulia, _________ olive oil is famously know all over the world, is predominantly involved in the agricultural industry. Apart from the famous olive oils, wine, tomatoes, cereals, and grapes (for eating) are produced here. A number of other crops, ________ can be seen in the info-graphic below, are also grown in the region.


Although agriculture has always been a large part of Apulia’s history, over the last number of years, other activities have been increasing, among _______ is tourism. The graph below demonstrates this quite clearly. But what it doesn’t say is why!

Tourism Growth

However, this is not so difficult to figure out. Apulia is in the south-east of Italy and has approx. 800km of coastline, along _______ are some of the most beautiful beaches in the whole of Italy. The countryside itself, _______ varies from the north to the south of the region, is beautiful to behold. It’s history is as old and colourful as they come, leaving the region marked with breathtakingly beautiful buildings, some of _______ seem to be as old as time itself. There are also a few towns _______ were built by the Greeks when they ‘visited’ and in ______ Greek architecture is still  visible, as are some signs actually written in Greek! Then there is the food. Italy is famous for good food, and Apulia is no exception. If you come to Apulia, and eat in ‘tourist’ restaurants you can only blame yourself if you are not satisfied. It is your repsonsibility to seek out the small local eateries in the small less well-known areas and struggle to communicate with the staff. It will be worth it. The staff will enjoy it, you will enjoy it, you will eat better, pay less and then ask yourself why you hadn’t done it sooner.

Apulia, _______ is fast becoming a tourist destination, should be seen outside the hottest months, ______ are July and August. If I were you, I’d book my trip sooner rather than later. When tourisn increases, very often the reality becomes harder and harder to see!

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