Ed Tyrrell


This is a request for input.I have found teaching adverbs can be a tricky thing.






Of course, there are some simplistic rules that are given to students for the more standard and simple adverbs. But what do you do when it gets to the tricky ones? Or when you are obliged to explain adverbs that may go in different positions?

I would like to build a database of adverb information and exercises for teachers to use that will make both their jobs and students’ understanding easier.

My first idea is to create a simple list of adverbs, something that may simplify understanding what type of adverb you are dealing with and what position it ‘usually’ occupies. I have started this in the form of a simple excel spreadsheet which can be downloaded here: Adverb table

For the purposes of this activity, I am using the term ‘adverb’ to refer to both adverbs and adverbial clauses.

I hope that this can become a great collaboration that will benefit all, and warmly welcome any suggestions, input and or exercises that you may have.